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10 point plan to get UKIP Councillors and MPs

[1] All resources are totally directed to this purpose.  We stop becoming a party of protest for specific causes e.g. Brexit.  We aim to become a party of government.

[2] Each county sets up a Facebook Chatroom.  This is designed for weekly meetings between the following:

(a) Regional Chairman:  Example: South West Regional Chairman = Richard John Ford

(b) County Chairman: Example Martin Costello

(c) Deputy County Chairman: Example Krishnakali Sinha

(d) Branch Chairpersons for that county.

[3] Each branch applies to the local council for person to set up a UKIP stall in each town in their constituency, once a week, every week.  This stall can be a simple table, a few leaflets and a sign saying UKIP.  It does not need to be elaborate.

[4] The stall is manned by a maximum of two people.  One of these must be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate [PPC] who is always looking smart and wears a rosette.

[5] The weekly county meetings involve the planning for these stalls.  To apply for permission to Wiltshire Council to do this, each application form allows 8 dates maximum per month.  The contact details are as follows:

This means that 4 stalls per month can be booked in Chippenham and 4 stalls in neighbouring Devizes.  The idea is to help each other in terms of resources and man power.  It doesn’t matter if a Devizes stall is manned by a branch member from Chippenham.  Salisbury may have leaflets that they could donate to the South Wiltshire, Westbury branch stall.

[6] We need to have a 2-year objective: PPC become councillors.  We need a 3-year objective:  PPC become MPs.  Firstly, County chairman helps Branch chairmen allocate a specific post code region to hit so they can become a councillor.  We then need to invite Alan Graves into the chatroom discussions to help us.  The Facebook chatrooms can be extended into ‘Virtual Classrooms’ where Alan can show his PowerPoints and explain how to become a Councillor.

‘Take a look at the Lib Dems. They have 11 MPs, yet we are a two-party state. How do they do it? They target seats by targeting the councils underneath them. Behind every Lib Dem MP are a set of Lib Dem Councillors. Until we get PR, we need to pay attention to the strategy’ [Alan Graves].

Possible answer [Mike] Each PPC is allocated a post code region e.g. SN14 as a ward to concentrate on to become a councillor for his leaflet drops.  He then works in a small team with others who are willing to become councillors in neighbouring wards, all part of the same region in which he is trying to become an MP.


Name Target Postcode region for leaflet drops
Mike Walker Chippenham MP and Councillor for Pewsham Ward in Chippenham SN14
Jack Green Councillor for Hungerford Ward in Chippenham SN13
Jayne Petticoat Councillor for Bedford Ward in Chippenham SN12
Harry Bennet Councillor for Greenland Ward in Chippenham SN11

We need to target the leaflets in our Wards.  This is how Alan does it. We need to understand how to collate and manage voter data from the electoral register [Mike Walker].  We need someone in charge of this to help each PPC.

By data, I mean collating voter data. Understanding what voters think and why they vote. Ignore serial non-voters. Once you have data on a: who votes b: who they vote for c: what concerns them. Then we (you) can target them with our policies that matter to them [Alan Graves]

[7] The stalls have several advantages:

(a) Leaflets made centrally by the party

(b) We hand out UKIP business style cards at the stall.  These are small cards containing details of how to contact the branch chairman on social media.  The chairman’s Facebook and Twitter details are included.  On the card it says the following:

UKIP Devizes is proud of Wiltshire

Achieve a real Brexit and full UK independence.  Please dispel the barriers of perception and follow me on social media

Mike Walker [BSc Hons PGCE] UKIP Devizes Chairman / Science and Maths tutor


Facebook = @MikeUKIP                     Twitter = @WalkerMaths Devizes website =

These cards can be also distributed everywhere during leaflet letterbox distributions.

(c) Bespoke leaflets which address regional issues made by each local branch.  These could be modified blogs.  They need to be checked by the Regional Chairman before being given to the public and given the UKIP logo.  We should take Alan’s advice that he gave at the February training meeting in Leeds.  If we are making leaflets with the intention of getting councillors, then these leaflets should be designed as he specifies, emphasising the character of the councillor and how he / she can benefit personally the local community.  The emphasis on UKIP should be minimal – get them checked by Alan. [Mike Walker]. In addition, each PPC now has a postcode from the council on his voting area.  We can now delete these addresses as ones which are going to need leaflets drops through letter boxes.

Making leaflets canbe done free using the following:


(d) UKIP membership forms

(e) A form which allows the public to sign up for further information from UKIP.  Ideally, they include details of their postcode and Facebook / Twitter details.

(f) Excellent training for PPC to interact with the public

[8] Consider each PPC needs to deliver leaflets to 4000 letterboxes.  All funds from each branch is now being directed to the one aim.  We pay for companies to deliver our leaflets for us  1000 leaflets can be delivered for £35.  All fund-raising activities e.g. car boot sales are directed for this purpose.  On Facebook, it is possible to pay for an advert/leaflet/Blog to be directed to any specific post code.

[9] Once we have collated the data so we have a target register of specific addresses to send the leaflets in each Ward then we notify the distribution company to deliver them for us [prior to elections which involves canvassing which could also do this ourselves in the normal manner].  Car boot sales are needed each month by members to create a funding war-chest to pay for leaflets and payment for the company.  This is fun and can involve all members [Mike Walker].

Between 2-3 years in preparation for the General Election, activity number 9 is extended to more postcodes to get the votes for MPs.

National deadline to submit candidate nominations for this year’s council elections is 4.00pm on Wednesday, 3 April. So get cracking now!

Not a current UKIP member?

Join for the first time at

or renew at

Not sure which council or ward you live in? Enter your postcode at

Next, equipped with your UKIP membership number and local authority and ward details, apply to UKIP head office for vetting via:
(Registration required)

Then contact your local branch chairman who will appoint you as an official UKIP candidate once your vetting approval comes through. Don’t know who he or she is? Then ask UKIP head office to put you in touch:

Phone: 0333 800 6800


Cllr Alan Graves

[10] Branches need to discuss training for members on these stalls and the implications regarding security.

The following considerations need to be discussed;

  • Careful selection of those manning the stalls – not everyone can handle verbal abuse.
  • Never discount spy cameras recording UKIP members to put onto Social Media.
  • Always keep calm and care with body language – do not react – best to say as little as possible if provoked. Keep smiling step back if being shouted at. [Chris Prevett]
  • Report all incidents to Richard John Ford and Tom Ince at Wiltshire Council. If you feel uncomfortable – pack up and come home. [Mike Walker]

Mike Walker Devizes Chairman


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